Arts & Humanities-LINKS S

S Arcitechture - Academic Departments
Schools & Academic Depts. 139 links to schools w/ architecture & planning dept
S Architecture - Exhibits & Images
Architecture Exhibits and Images . 59 links to Web, Gopher and FTP sites with architecture exhibits and images.
S Architecture - Buildings
Architecture Studies Librarian
S Language and Literature
Prime and FAQ
S Linguistics - Resources
Guide and Index of linguistics, language, & computational linguistics resources on-line.
S Linguistics - Publications C
List of linguistics publications . Chomsky, Noam A ,...
S Performing Arts - Information
Performing Arts On the Web . Links to other sources of information about the performing arts.
S Philosophy - Epistemology
Introduction Epistemology : concept formation, the role and nature of definitions,
S Metaphysics - Project Metaphysics
Project Metaphysics! . a cooperative philosophical endeavor initiated
S Metaphysics
Principia Cybernetica Web Metasystem Transition Theory . Metaphysics .
S Religion - Comparative Studies
Fraser's list of internet resources . A list of discussion forums for theologians .
S Visual Arts
On-Line Art Galleries . Visual Arts Students Pages. Visual Arts Related Internet Sites