Smart House Home automation, Automatic Lighting, control alarms, alert you of dangers, alert you that a particular appliance is in a particular state (dinner is ready), optimal useage of utilities, remotes, voice recognition, sensors, telephony systems.

Intelligent Toilets A toilet which takes your temperature , blood pressure, analyzes urine and stool, and weighs you...

Signing Glove As common as glasses or hearing aide.

Ultrasonic Clothes Maker Garments molded and produced in 45 seconds. Takes a bolt of fabric and creates clothes molded by ultrasonically sealed and finished.

Mood Suit temperature sensative fabric. Turning blue where an area is heating up. Brown over a cool spot,

Virtual Campus Visit anywhere from where you are. Headset for sound, lenses for visual display, suit and gloves for tactile sensations/texture. Home reality engines will be networked.

Palm Top computers Microcomputers on your palm. Once sophisticated voice recognition system eliminated the need for keyboards, Sun Sparc 10's will fit on your palm.

Freeze Dried Compresses Food Compact, nutritious, tasty, reconstituted with water. space saving better than canned food

Watch communicator/Pager/Fax/Dictaphone/Cell phone Wristwear will have the ability to network computers, send information, can documents, optically like with computers, make telephone calls, enable a full range of voice recognition.

Microalarm Systems Microsensitive alarms running on lithium microbatteries will monitor a central security post.

Wand Printers Printers will directly print on a piece of paper and be no bigger than your palm.

Folder Oven Portable Magnetron technology will evolve to allow Portable ovens the size of a manila folder forming a pocket for the target.

Weather Orb Wind speed, direction, air temperature and transponders will grab data allowing users to "predict" today's weather at a glance.

Translator Pin A voice recognition translation system. Simple small, useful.

Microwave Dryer No vents required, smaller load, quicker drying time, easier on fabrics. In old dryers water evaporates and you have to get rid of it, microwaves eliminates that whole step. You heat the water not the air , clothes come out cooler. Also kills bacteria.

Solar Roofing Photovoltaic roofing will collect sunlight and convert it into heat.

Hand Scanning Lock Who needs keys.

Privacy LCD Windows Sandwiched between panes of glass a liquic crystal layer, allowing you to "dim" windows at a touch of a switch.

Solar Windows Windows which allow the sunlight in and capture the sun's energy to use later on.

Solar Air Conditioner The sun's energy powers the cooler fan drawing cold water and mists it out into the air stream. Nature does the rest.

Solar Powered Cooker Optical "satellite" dish collects sunlight focuses it, the energy is stored in a phase-change material, turning it from a solid to a liquid, storing heat and resolidifieds to give up heat. Cook away!

Smart TV TV's will know what you like and "learn" what you like to see and program itself accordingly

Interactive Game Network Games will be virutal and networked.

Flat TV TVs which hang on our walls. Color LCD technology.

Dial for Movies; Video on the Go Any movie, any TV show anytime you want , anywhere you want.

3D Sound/Video #D is just an optical illusion of shadows playing on directed phonics. Simple to reproduce and recreate.

Ubiquitous Listening Listen to any of your stereo/video components remotely anywhere in your home.

Video Telephone / Holograph Phone Phone technology will advance to the point where you might as well be right next to your caller/callee.

Voice Activated Word Processors Why type?

Voice Cars Why drive when you can speak?

Self Driving Cars Why drive at all?

Voice Appliances Why hit a button?

Butler in a Box Why do any chores?

Voice Key Why have keys?

TV Eyeglasses Television technology will allow you to watch TV upclose and personal.

Car Video Navigation System Getting lost is a thing of the past.

Do It All Computer Notepad Computers will shrink and replace post it notes.

Geodesic Homes/Underground Homes Homes will be reconfigured to be optimally engineered for the sunlight , climate, and environment.


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