++Fusion powered clippers, capable of speed > 300kps
10s of years.
++30000kps, 10%c, .1c if you can't travel at least this fast, don't bother 

---------------1. FUSION ROCKETS-------------------
++Fusion rockets, atomic nuclei expelled at 10000kps.
then a rocket exhaust w/ that velocity can be produced, To reach 10% speed of 
light, a ship achieve 3x own exhaust velocity. 10000 ton payload
in 40000 ton structure would require 1mil tons of fuel.

---------------2. PROPULSION SYSTEMS---------------
++Nuclear pulse propulsion, 
  beamed energy drives, 
  solar sail starships,
  fusion ramjets, 
  interstellar ion scoops, 
  gravitation wormholes.

---------------3. ULTIMATE FUEL--------------------
++Ultimate fuel - antimatter - system by making the technical jump
  from chemical power to fusion power, 
  a similar jump from fusion to anti-matter will open up galaxy.
++matter is simply a form of condensed energy. E=mc^2.
++The mass in a penny contains more energy than 4 atom bombs.
++Anti-matter, as its name implies is an opposite form of matter.
++Combined masses are converted into pure energy - mostly in the
  form of gamma rays.
++Antimatter, we can fuel stars hips capable of 
  approaching the speed of light.
++We want anti-matter , we will have to make it ourselves.
++Proton is accelerated to a velocity so high that its kinetic energy
++Producing an anti-proton when it collides .  If a high-energy
  beam of protons is blasted into block of dense material, then about one in a 
  million to one in a billion proton collisions will form an anti-proton.
++Anti-matter costs 300 billion dollars / milligram.
++Both matter and anti-matter can be forged out of raw space,
  if enough energy is focused on one spot.  Producing
  electron-position pairs requires an electrical field strength of 2.4x10^18
  requires laser power on the order of 1.5x10^34 W /m^2.
+Energy field must be maintain for only billionths of a second,
  and the power can be focused into areas not much larger than atomic nuclei.
++With gamma ray / cosmic ray lasers. 0.0001 angstroms,
  10000-million times energy of xray lasers.
  xray laser 4x10^23 V/m^2.
  Cosmic ray lasers densities of 4x10^29 V/m^2.
  whole solar flares can tapped, and their gigantic energies funneled
  into anti-matter production lasers.
++Laser arrays could convert over 95% of the laser energy in electron/positron
++Anti-matter will simply be an intensely condense form of energy.
++With an abundance of anti-matter available, the stars will be within
  reach.   Anti-matter reactions produce mostly pions (pi-mesons,
  a form of charged particles) moving at 97% of the speed of light.
  Confined in a magnetic bottle, controlled with magnetic mirrors, and
  exhausted through a magnetic nozzle, these fast-moving particles
  can form an incredibly powerful rocket plume.  An ani-matter rocket
  with an exhaust velocity of 150000kps or higher, is a very
  real possibility.  A single-stage rocket
  with this exhaust velocity could readily attain half the speed of light.
++It will probably be most efficient to use anti-matter in a dilute form,
  mixing it with a volatile propellant, like water.  For velocities
  up to 30% of the speed of light, the most efficient recipe is to use
  4tons of water /ton of ship, with varying amounts of anti-matter.  For short
  hops, inside our solar system, these amounts are very small.  A 1 ton
  ship could fly to the Moon in just 4 hours, using 4 tons of water and 30mg of antimatter.
  A 10 ton clipper get to Mars in 1 week,
  propelled by 40tons of water and 10gms of antimatter
  Sending a 1000 ton payload 4lt-year to the next
  star system at 10%c would require 4000 tons of water and 10 tons of anti-matter.