Ben's Heroclix Resource Page
This page is dedicated to Heroclix, and contains articles I have written and other helpful resources I have found.
                                            TEAM BUILDING                                            
DC Keywords for retired figures- Put together by my friend Tom D., here is a spreadsheet for all the DC keywords for older sets (retired figures).
Marvel Keywords for retired figures- Keywords assigned to retired Marvel figures from Infinity Challenge to Fantastic Forces. (Note one guiding principle was that if the figure has a particular TA printed on its base it got that keyword).
Heroclix Teams (pre Theme Teams) - A break down of some basic architypical teams. This was created before the concept of theme teams and still applies if you want to risk playing a non-theme team.
Theme Teams - A Brief analysis of all the general keyword theme teams and their strengths and weaknesses. Theme teams because of their ability to ignore those nerfing, devastating battlefield conditions will dominate over the contemporary tournament heroclix scene.
Basic Team Building - Some basic guidelines for team building
Basic Keywords - A list of the basic keywords
Cheapest figures - These are the cheapest figures to field in a particular area. The figures are unrestricted figures.
Dial Generator - This dial generator spreadsheet (from Xplodiak) allows you to custom design a Heroclix figure.
Special Power Costs - A compilation of how much the Special Powers cost for custom figs (from Xplodiak)
                                        STRATEGY & TACTICS                                        
Sublte Heroclix Rules - These are rules that separate the advanced players from the intermediate players. Subtle rules that don't always make common sense, but are good to know. For games between advanced players it can make the difference between a win and a loss.
Advanced Strategy - Some strategem on advanced tactical play
Feats - Text of all the Feats
                                    RULES & RESOURCES                                    
Score - A powerpoint slide with score card and a Fellowship voting card based on qualia of good fellowship characteristics.
Battlefield Conditions - Text of all the Battlefield Conditions (from HCrealms)
Action Sequence Order- A nice article and resource found on HC
The 10 Common Mistakes- The 10 most common mistakes made by Beginning Heroclix Players.
LSH Rules Index - Having a hard time locating things in the Lesion of Superheroes Rules? Here is a table of index for the rulebook
LSH Rules Index Sorted - The Rules index alphabestically sorted by topic
LSH Rules Index Spreadsheet (XLS) - The Rules Index in a excel spreadsheet
FF Rules Index - Index of Fantasic Four Rule book listed by page.
FF Rules Index Sorted - The Fantastic Four Rules index alphabestically sorted by topic
FF Rules Index Spreadsheet (XLS) - The Fantastic Four Rules Index in a excel spreadsheet
Wizkidsgames Rules and FAQ link
List of Heroclix Maps - A List of the Maps made by Wizkidsgames.
NY Comic Con Feb 2007 - Pictures and a brief report from the New York Comic Convention. Wizkidsgames had a large presence with a large tournament schedule. NYCC is April 18-20, 2008 this year.
Haloclix versus Heroclix - Are you a fan of both Haloclix and Heroclix? Here are two suggestions to get the two games to play together. They have both been playtested.
Pictures taken during the Heroclix World Championships at Gen Con, August 14-17, 2008.
2008 Worlds Tournament Teams - These are the Teams that I fielded and played against for the 2008 Worlds Heroclix Championship Tournament.
Arkham Asylum by the Numbers - All the key statistics about the Arkham Asylum Heroclix Expansion

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