ECTELA - Arts And Humanities S

ECTELA - Social Sciences S

The next generation of the social sciences will follow closely the advances of the furthur physiological understanding of the brain. Societies are moving toward a global nature. Global economies will dominate the 21st century. Paradoxically this will give more power to the smaller units, there will be more countries individuals will be liberated by increased communication and computer capability. The smaller nations will be suppressed for a while as the richer nations capitalize on them, but as time progresses the smaller nations will form the cornerstone of the future globe. There will be cross-cultural homogenitety a tendency towards it. Travel (already the largest industry) will continue to grow. As mobility and common-issues face us, the common advancement of society maturation and milestones of maturation will occur. Third world countries will move from agragrian to manufacturing to information.


ECTELA - Sciences S

Fundamental sciences will be pointed in 7 major directions 1. Cosmology/Basic Physics. 2. Nuclear/Power Research 3. Space Research 4. Genetics Research 5. Materials Research 6. Signal Processing Research/ Telecommunications 7. Computer Sciences Research/ AI

ECTELA - Engineering & Technology S

The future of science and engineering will be shaped primarily by 4 things 1. Advances in biotechnology a. Recombinant techniques will dominate the 21st century. qv osaki "biotechnology" summary 2. Advances in computer technology a. computer technology will merge memory with function. b. And AI , AI techniques will dominate. 3. Advances in telecommunications a. Telecommunications will be shaped by increasing CAP, NAP, and cellular structures allowing for PDA technology 4. Advances in materials science. a. Materials science will ultimately push the envelope of computer technology as NLO (optics + electronics nonlinear optics) as well as harder substances, and finally micro-molecular arrangement and manipulation is allowed for.


ECTELA - Government and Law S

The government will play less and less of a critical role in the affairs of society. For the following reasons : 1. Telecomm has allowed personal organization, 2. Large gov is no longer needd. 3. Law which is a function largely of info will be W3'ed 4. Local structures of politicas are more efficient 9##list Nais. 5. Natworked information has decreased distance between politician and individual so no need for representative democ. 6. w/ advent of improved computers,networking societies can participate at the individual level. 7. Local Tribaility will be more important. 8. Global warfare is pretty much obsolete, local wars will take the form of civil wars. As more and more smaller, countries are created.



- Community, Leisure & Recreation


Luxury items and community (environmental awareness) which are an aspect of a more developed country and world, will dominate the future outlook of many countries. Leisure will turn to more niche activities as individuals try to uniquify themselves in order to remain an individual as a backlass of technological/cultural crosssharing/travel. Travel will grow Cross cultural sharing will broaden our perspectives in lifestyle. Entertainment will homogenize as the world shares ideas with each other.


ECTELA - Business and Commerce S

will move global. List## Nais-GP Innovation mechanics - see foster Smaller businesses will be more prominent.


ECTELA - Medicine S

Medicine will shift toward telemedicine. Advances in drugs will tmove medicine more locally medicine is a function of experience nad info eventually you will be able to make self-diagnoses. Diagnostic imaging will move to tele-medicine. Orthopedics will advance considerably. Cryogenics will continue to develop As biotechnology continues to evelove, so to will the ability to heal with chemical therapy. The star trek hypo is already here. Within 10yrs we'll have miniature computers inside us. Within 20years they will correct visual , hearing signals, making glasses and hearing aids obsolete. They'll correct and monitor bllod pressue, heart rate and cholesterol. Nanotechnology will alter sugery techniques and change the topology of invasive surgery.