1 Generalist vs Specialist

2 Bredth vs Depth (must pick and choose what to specialize in)

30 Dynamics of a Global Market a ICBM,Computer,Telecom,Biome,Renting of Capital,Global Competition,Downscaling,Cultural Transcendance

28 "Teaching ubiquitously accepted moral standards" - Prayer et al in High school (Yeba!)

29 Moral decay in society, but not me, no , never....

31 Regulation of the Advertising Industry?

38 Do you think that the existence of capital punishment is a deterrant to murder?

39 Epicentric (US local selling,auto licence plates,steer wheel,change oil,taillights...)

40 Are you pro-choice or pro-life?

41 Binariness of the Law? Case Precedent?

42 Legalization of Drugs? Medicinalization? How far/What bounds should government chalkline be drawn?

46 society focus=short term benefits wo/ acknowleding long term responsibility

32 Free Speech Where should censorship begin ? end?

49 In your opinion how do society's common values change? ##list

50 Society is Fractal

51 Division of Labor, Growing Gap Rich/Poor , Loopholes,misconceptions,

52 Dynamics of Equal Opportunity ( trying to equalize everyone; equal opportunity vs performance )

59 How would you redesign the government (jury duty congressman?) ##list

70 Turing's MetaMachine

71 Schooling Mechanics (what to teach how, wo/ just regurgitate, make you think)

72 Opposites work together (## list)

22 Storyboarding (jurrasic Park)

33 Women's society signs / vigils (to be slim,fashion-view conscious...)

54 Apprenceship schools? (merc benz in Ger., also Jap.)

59 Politicians,Advertising,Lawyers(viewpoint : primary product is to manipulate people)

84 sun tzu 1. chi vs cheng, - extraordinary vs ordinary 2. mexican hat, - utilize inertia 3. wind over bronze, - be pliable, flexibility w/ gain of tempo 4. zugzwang, - weapon of exhaustion 5. eat an elephant, - break down a large project w/ cathexis! 6. shape, - dispositions 7. jujitsu - be not where your opponent is, leverage his weak pts. 8. wu wei wu - do without doing, strike without striking. 9. principles - 9 layered heavens, 9 types of ground, 9 variables. 91 Learning/Science is exponential...

93 static law = poor law. (on trial for teaching evolution)

should be a dynamic cohesive force to a society not a trudgeon and bureaucratic coagulator.

102 exponentiality in rediscovery. numerical recipies, narrows innovation

112 RealTime Games/ Grand Strategy, Admiral dynamics #list

118 US Schools browbeat, -> Apprenticeships

121 Is any socialization intrinsically good or bad? any drives good or bad?

121 e.g. epicentricity, interpersonal soc = women....

121 nature vs nuture. Proclivity vs exposure. VR baby tank.

124 Religion/Gov *give* you values so you don't have to think.

125 Society as an erythrocyte frame. clique-cline-pareto-grand strategy

126 Socialism vs Democracy. Optimal governemnt form?