3 Al Dante Effect (What you call good might not be what I call good...)

4 Spott Effect (How do people who almost never try new things, ever try anything new)

5 Fulfillment in work (align work w/ happiness.. is it possible?)

6 Leisure and Relaxation (what do you consider relaxation? why? some:PPA pt2ptactivity)

a WORK : is a means driven end.

b LEISURE : is a ends driven mean.

7 Pace of Life (Some people are bissy beckson's)

10 Ritual / Schedule (humans are creatures of habit, they like little rituals...)

14 Each person must choose what their "higher purpose" a What is a basic value set?(Society,Spiritual,Achievement,Expressional,Leadership,Pragmatism)

23 How do you organize yourself? what are the key elements to organization? C90

1. Indexing. - A rapid method to localize x.

2. Compression- Once you find x , assimilating quickly

3. Pruning - The natural evolution of a good

4. Placement - Availability leads to use.

24 Projects (IHA,ben.html)

25 Thrill/Risk Thresholds (Discovery vs Risk/Tempting Death)

26 Precautions (Overprotective - fei) vs Risk Denial (I'm invincible)

27 K-2 Effect (Challenge / Daring vs Meek / Safe vs Wise )

35 Save/Squander Psychology-Materialism (give all people $1mil- wi/1year same proportion of $ today,xmas spree)

36 Primal instincts - basic drives in people are procreation, self-preservation, eating. (can we xscend?)

37 Taste Dynamics (evolution of eggroll,brat,hamburger effect...global buritto phenom,portability=US food)

45 Complaining Dynamics (why do people complain? potholes&traffic clog;winter&summer) a. Bonding mechanism, b. Empathy, c. Self Aggrandizing d. Dynamic Range e. Culture

47 Do your parents still treat you like a little kid?

48 what extent do you think language shapes thought? environment. (vs buzzword managment style , PC will solve discrimination...) ##list

53 Schooling LCD hard to over-advance.

55 Marraige /LT Friends: Communication/reconciling each other's willingness to compromise. (@25 naitivity on ability to change another)

56 People are sheep (herd mentality/effect #list,habit,survival,norm-break,society of non-sheep: no)

57 People are Salmon (return to where they were born)

58 Mechanics of "Bestowing" our values on our children... (eating-meal parsing, sleeping-siesta)

60 Intelligent Ignorance / Preconceived limiting notion (eg Sicilian-Keres Variation vs 1900 Master)

61 Learning Dynamics (sport vs information)

64 Men / Women dynamics (dr tannen men + women in conversation)

65 Enjoyment from Perceptibility

67 Experience/Peers/Exposure (you become unto what you expose yourself to)

68 Ability to read ideosyncracies (whatever,sb smile...)

73 Finite # of Morphs(personality bases) on this Earth

79 Nature vs Nurture; Culture vs Genes

87 Mental Furniture

88 Presentation over Content

92 Can all human motives be boiled down to :

1. overcoming obstacles.

2. Leaving some kind of legacy.

94 Group Dynamics vs 1-1 Dynamics #list

100 group dynamics #list Ken-set/Value-set, Background, Sex , Age, Comfort level