158 Power of music 12 How does Taste in music develop? is it a peer driven thing?

95 Book vs Movie 2 Recommendations Dynamics (books,movies - interest/scope)

11 Why don't people read for leisure?! (reading is wonderful and joyous/ binary cascade effect)

17 Take for granted (some of best works make you reflect on the things you take for granted)

19 What do you think makes a movie good?

20 What makes a book good? a Complexity, Sweat Equity, Realism , Connection with you , Insightfulness , Plotline, Suspense, Animation, Depth, Novelty , Clean ending, Inspirationality

21 Maybe better question - What makes a book/movie "shallow"

81 Ever read/see a book/movie twice (w/ say 5 year gap) and notice what you noticed different?

82 Would you read a book on a movie ? (if the book came out after? before? if it was a mediocre movie?)

96 Continuum plotline (japanmation,Babylon5,DS9!)

97 the net should eventually become the standard repository of all knowledge and wisdom.

101 Media direction impact on society vv.; future of

104 Scope of movies vs Books, recommendations. metrics #list

110 What is Art? complex behavioral pattern w/ no superficial function?

141 Movies=>LCD; Book Bandwidth. Recommendation scrutiny

158 Exposure - family , peers, media, environment, upbringing...