1 Anticipation Mechanics (put off thing you like to savor)

8 Sickness forbades Health (Being sick makes you appreciate how nice it is to feel healthy!)

9 Mortality ( we must all eventually come to grips with our mortality, taboo, grandpa)

13 Weeds of the Mind. (your mind is a garden you need to till,harvest,maintain...)

15 What are the keys to a good relationship are? ## list

16 What are qualities that make people "dynamic" / interesting? ## list

34 Ever think of what will be in your will? about death?

43 Happiness dynamics (money,what is success,equate money w/ happiness?ability to enjoy,you make you happy)

44 What *is* success?

62 Are some activities intrinsically "funner" than others?

63 What makes a game fun?

66 Accessibility modulates Utilization

69 It's too bad that more people don't try to use and enjoy what they have to get what they want, rather than wish for other things to have.

74 Naslau's need-self realization pyramid

75 How do you know your senses depict the world accurately?

76 What exactly is the nature of human consciousness/intelligence?

77 What's the purpose of Life?

78 Do we live in a deterministic or non-deterministic world?

80 Nature's Wonders (#list,spiderweb,mother's milk)

83 Inundation (too much of a good thing?)

85 semi-sentient animal type life form has to have the capacity for constructive and informational ideas!

denotational? abstractive?

86 Purpose in life.... apprehension over comprehension of life!

89 Nous Domain : I've always wanted to learn it, but then there are so many things I've always wanted to learn.

but we all only have 24 hours. must pick and choose.

98 Handles, Mental Furniture. #list

99 "Rediscovery" of societal/human accomplishments (numerical recipies,depth permanence,#list)

103 Cyberfriends,RL,Evolution of Friendships,Marraiges

106 take for granted, frame of reference, mog

107 Human Motive : 1. obstacles. 2. legacy. 3. hedonism. 4. self - perfection

108 HI responsibility, LO time to use them ; Topology of friendships over life.

111 What is Sentience?

113 Utilization matches accessibility.

114 Parental Programmed ROMs - programmed responses.

115 Marraige/SO : (1) Friendship aspect (2) Romantic foundation;

116 Finite # of Morphs in world.

117 People are Salmon, people are sheep

120 Possibility of losing x -> appreciation of x.(loss highlights value)

127 Fear1,Fear2;Improve1,Improve2;Self1,Self2 (Inner Skiing)

128 Saturation causes Mog. Innundation dynamics

130 Tribalism, Micro culture. Local Groups.

130 Speak in Concepts vs Definitions.= Telepathy

131 Mesosentients

140 Most successful game systems, why?


141 What makes a game fun?

141 evolution dynamics, 2 stake / setting

152 Frame issues in terms of difference and conflict vs similarity and harmony.

154 miscommunication as a difference of values

123 - Do we have Free will?- behave as though we knew we have free will.