----------FRACTAL SPHERES---------------------------------------
++Fractal Cluster of balloons.  Silicone membranes, supported
  by internal air pressure.  Fractal modularity
++Closed-loop systems, internal temperatures purify the air.
++Cuboctahedral packing. 12spheres all equitangent to one.
++A cable net has the effect of reducing the radius of curvature.
++Outer bubble 600m in diameter, total volume of 113 million m^3.
++Each of the ecosphere's is capable of holding its own atmosphere.
++Main bubbles 200m across. Population of 100000 people
++central sphere = commons (school, hospital, auditorium, mall & recreation)
++Floating trees and shrubs, 580 m^3 of open space park-land.
++Canopy of a tropical rain-forest plants populated mostly & fliers.
++Plants Hydroponics free-floating gardens ( flowers, shrubs, trees, grass)
++Remove CO2 and produce O2, cleanse polluted air.
++Umbilical : water and electric lines, fiber optic cables
  ventilation ducts, and pneumatic delivery tubes.
++Terminals are tied directly, entertainment global library, teleoperated remote robots.
++Virtual space, can manipulate virtual objects , holodeck
++Inner spheres rotates axis.  Equator rotates @ 1m/minute.

++Bubble of temperate air else boil, roast, irradiate and freeze 
++N2 is a heavy gas, and in space it is hard to come by.
++wo/ N2 , habitat's atmosphere is 26555 tons.
++Atmospheric pressure inside habitat = 3PSI.  Key is O2's partial pressure.
++Breathe 99% O2 @ 3PSI.  Just as much O2 as breathe @ earth @ sea level.
++Emergency O2 masks, survive the loss of up to 70% atmosphere
++Interior is fractally subdivided into individual compartments.

++Fire ? 0g -> no convective forces.  Fresh air can't reach fire.
++Radioactivity ?  Atmosphere , equal to 3' thick wall of lead

--------WATER SHIELD (VS RADIATION)---------------------
++Ionizing radiation.  Ions are charged particles. High energy particles 
++Living tissue complex molecules can't work if rearranged even a little.
++On Earth absorbs 200mrem ionizing radiation / year.
++If > 450rem burst 50% of death
++Vitamins A and E can reduce ion damage ~30%. Eat Spirulina.
++Passive shield with a mass of 2500kg / m^2.  Weight = 5.6 mil tons.
++Solution : transparent, and stop cosmic rays -> water.
++Layer of water 16' deep = shield density of 5000kg/m^2.
++Weightless, no depth P, and vapor P of H2O @ 20C (68F) = .37PSI.
++Central sphere , protected by 10meters of water.
++Amount to a shield density of > 1000kg / m^2.
++.25 microns, outer membrane will require 5.5 tons of gold @ 80mil$
++Adjusting bubble's opacity to maintain a temperature of 20C (68F)
++Polaroid filters adjusted electronically, change radiation $8/ft^2.
++Energy, ( IR ), 60% absorbed in the first meter of water.
++Sunlight's energy remains, all IR & UV screened out.

--------RADIATE WASTE HEAT------------------------------
++Machinery, Activities, cooking, human body generate heat. 
  dump waste heat by radiating it away.
++Water Separated into cylindrical tubes.
  Molecules can be split into H2 and O2.  Needed to power LHOX rockets.

--------FEL DEBRIS SWEEPING-----------------------------
++1 m^2 of space sees 1gm meteoroid once in 3 mil yrs.
++struck by a meteroid as large as a grape once every 300 years.
++Momentum to plow through 5m of water.
++Mass as a slab of granite 6' thick.
++Nested Fractally Subdivided Atmosphere self-contained spheres
++Foam-like consistency, meteoroid can't penetrate > 3 bubbles.
++Geosynchronous orbit, (@location) is still clean.
++Kessler syndrome.    @ Critical mass, nix 1 satellite = chain reaction
++FEL Array at Kilimanjaro.  Focused with precision on any point within 36000km.
++Advance Radars will be able to track particles 0.5 mm
++ .12 sec, paint chip moving at 3kps will move ~300m
++Factor in object's geometry, rate of rotation, and composition;


++Closed ecological life support  system (CELSS) :
            2Food  +-----+
         /\   -->  | Man | -----------+
   Synth/__\       |     |            |
                   +-----+            |2.4H2O .2Solid
   2algae\            /|              |
         |      2.6H2O||1.8H2O        /
    +-----+           ||           +-----+
    |Algae| <---------++Co2N2Nacl- |SCWO |
    |     | ----------++--- O2---->|     |
    +-----+           ||           +-----+
         /            |/       Steam ^|
         |         +-----+           ||Condensate
         +---------|     | --->------+|
       1.6H2O      Condenser<---------+

++recycling : all wastes serve as feed stocks.
+completely self-sufficient closed-loop ecosystem.
++Two interactive biological components : people and algae.
++O2 + nutrients -> Human -> CO2+wastes ->elemental constituents-> recycles nutrient feed 
  stocks (CO2 and wastes) + sunlight -> Photosynthesis algae ->  O2 + nutrients.
++Blue-green algae. needs 600 l of O2 / day. 720 l of CO2.  600 gm of food.  Doubling 4x/day.
  Require 1.6gallons of H2O
++Nutrient rich water (3m deep) through coils of clear tubing exposed to optimal sunlight.
++40gm of algae makes 600gm of food (proteins, fats, carbohydrates) 
++H2O recovered and recycled.  Coils of cooling pipes are placed in various locations.
++All wastes: urine, feces, wash water, food scraps reduced to 
  basic organic constituents then sent to algae tubes as plant nutrients.
++Super critical water oxidizer (SCWO)
++T=480C at high P=3500PSI.  super critical state.  Liquid steam.  open flame under water.
++Waste slurry , all organic wastes 
++Garbage fed to SCWO, pure oxidized compounds come out
++Sequences DNA in algae strains produce any of the 5-100000 flavors on earth.
++Preserve physical pleasures of eating- taste, texture, aroma, and visual appeal.
++Food from algae = low in fat, cholesterol, calories; high in fiber, protein, and vitamins.

++weightlessness, airlessness, pressure gradients,
  space suits, synthetic food, absence of seasons, boundless spaces,
  isolation from terrestrial world.
++Bicycle can become, ailerons and rudder replacing,
  hydrogen powered turbo-fan, disuse osteoporosis,

++Bone lose in 0-g ~25% / year
++If muscles and bones waste away without stress -> stress them.
++Electrical stimulation of muscle increases strength
++Electromuscle stimulation (EMS) therapy.
++Alternately stimulating opposing muscle groups.
  (EMS) flatten stomache, increase tone, definition.
++EMS of muscles will keep bones from deteriorating in 0-g
++Skeleton can electrically stimulated directly.  Bone = piezoelectric material.
++Hormonal ,dietary, and other metabolic therapies can be pursued
++gymnasiums with artificial gravity.
++w/ kevlar cables, the g ring could spin 200kph.
++Provide artificial gravity where it is needed.

++LEO - low earth orbit.
++Lagrangian points, zones of gravitational stability
++Gravitationally stable- something put there will stay thee.
+GEO - geostationary orbit (GEO) 35900 km above the equator.
++Satellite will orbit the earth exactly once in 23hrs/26min/6sec.

--------SERVICES PROVIDED--------------------------------
++Solar power, pharmaceuticals, genetically engineered flavors, pure
  crystals, tourism , creation & management of information.
++Global telecommunications market : One gigantic telecommunications satellite.
++Cellular telephone network & Cellular radio
++Global personal communicators, transmitting antenna must be powerful.
++Operate a powerful satellite network more economically than anyone

--------SPACE SUIT---------------------------------------
++Ask, "what happens to a human body exposed to hard vacuum?"
++Most liquids in vacuum, (blood), boil at body temperature.
++Skin is good space-suit.
++water in vacuum chamber; one in open beaker; other in football.
  Water in beaker boils; in football can't -- held by pigskin.
++Impermeable; skin attached to tissue; counter pressure (C/P) for blood
++fabrics lycra/spandex.  build an elastic body stocking.
++150-170mm of C/P over surface of body.
++Elastic C/P suit w/ pressurized helmet.
++The tensile strength of skin is 1600gm/mm^2.
++Carry away body heat w/ network of circulating water hoses.
++6l of algae in <2m helically wound tubing.  Make
  food & O2 from waste to sustain a person indefinitely
++Nano-technology - millions of micro machines (scale =
  single biological cells).  Intelligent nano - materials
  apply varying pressure to different parts of the body.
++Exterior layer of high density ceramic enamel on thin sheet of tungsten.  
  Enamel layer : TiO2  protects metal from atomic O2, UV and corrosives.
++Tungsten armor will be backed by an inter layer of woven carbon fiber.
++Pb crystal 5mm thick.  Dense borosilicate glass, in Lexan.
++Helmet gold anodized protect glass, block glare, IR, UV.
++Together weigh around 45kg (100lb)

--------POWER SYSTEM-------------------------------------
++1.35 kW of power pass through each square meter/hour
++solar energy captured, electric power supplied by patch of space ~blanket size.
++Spherically concave mirror will focus the light falling in one area
++Surface area of 200000 m^2. 6 collectors, w/ radius of 105m 
++Power bubbles = tap to solar energy; water shielded ecospheres.

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