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+155mph train, bullet train Japan
$151bil US on surface xpo
Home Reservations -> PC


Tourism : Globalization of the World's Largest Industry

+The more we integrate the world, the more we'll want differentiate our experiences
+More global exposure we get , the more desire to experience them firsthand.
#list , tourism stats.
#A multicomponent industry
#Data Gathering, Industry Support
#Travel Industry courts Business travelers
#Total Journey Concept (bbus->plane->taxi)
#The globalization of the airline industry
+We will create a new sense of community
+The gains in aviation for the next couple of decades will be capacity , not speed.
+Airport cities
#Airline mergers make room for entrepreneurs
+Today, all airlines exist in a global economy; the international airline industry will simply have to adjust
#Liberalization leads to policy shifts and partnerships.
+Deregulation, easier market entry, no capacity quotas, and market-based pricing.
+As a result, airlines are beginning to act like every other buiness, making 
marketing deals, trading shares, and forming strategic alliances.
#Code-sharing and co-promotion will lead to airline mergers.
#High anxiety over open skies
+Government policies lifts government restrictions.
+Government to scrap all bilateral agreements and work toward a single global deal.
#East vs West Aviation competition
#The little carriers that scan
+Eight mega-carriers
+Vast web of regional carriers lead to the seamless global air-travel network travelers will expect.
#World's transportation infrastructure getting an overhaul.
+Network of base airports, known as superhubs.
not close to major population centers. whisked to and from them.
#airport expansion
#Global events fuel growth in tourism
+No longer arms race, increased international communications,
more freedom to travel, more international trade, more investing across international borders.
+Switch from centralized economies to free market economies (china/India)
+Removal of border controls (EC),
+World's largest free-trade area (NAFTA)
+End of 40years of official hostility (china / korea)
+Shift in attitude privilege of elit -> tourism is basic human right.
#Democratization of travel
+Technological innovations bring world to your doorstep.
Global communications.
+Global transportation infrastructure is becoming a seamless interconnected pathway.
#Baby boomers and retirees contribute to tourism's rapid growth
+Changing demographics
+people over 55.
+Foreign exchange.
#From mass markets to niche travel
+Travelers more likely to have traveled before. more sophisticated consumers.
+Experienced travelers seek to fulfill specific desires.
+Want each new experience to exceed the previous one.
+Enormous demand for specialty trips.
#Adventure travel - having fun can be serious business.
+Trill/adventure seekers.
#running around the world
+lifeting of the iron curtain,growing demand for tips to china
#Risk Recreation
+Lives out of control -> turn to recreation as something they can exert control over. Bored w/ job, engage in reckless activities
#cultureal tourism and ecotourism attract growing numbers
+Demand for observe / participate in local events and life-styles in a nonartificial manner.
+Global communications threatens a global homogenization 
#The call of the wild- getting " back to nature" goes global
A. Ecotourism saves habitat.
B. Ecotourism saves rain forests
C. Ecotourism employs people.
D. Ecotourism is a way to earn foreign exchange.
+Conserve wild places = source of revenue for locals
#Tourism as economic development.
+tourism is a self-perpetuating industry.
+As national borders open up, as population matures, and becomes more
prosperous, as governments, educators and private industry promote tourism as a basic right, people will travel more.
#Cruises on the high seas.
#Singapore wants to become the gateway to southeast asia
+Port cities will support the effort for cruises.
+repeat customers demand new and exotic
#Rails and roads get their share.
+Investment in ground transportation. technical advances. bullet train
#Government acknowledge emerging tourism issues
+Worldwide recognition of the contribution made by tourism to every country's economy.  Steps to coordinate public and private tourism-activities
#Tourism 2000
+Most of what governments are doing is following markets, not creating markets.
#Education and training
+Tourism courses
+Vocational Training
#From border patrols to global village
+Infusion of capital , ultural diversity, global industry, cooperative 
arrangements , foreign investments, deregulation.
+Tourism is the force that will make the global village truly one world.
#Specials events to bring world to your doorstep.
+Explosion of festivals to promote tourism
#Tourism enters the information age.
+reservations from home PC
#Hand-Geometry screening
+Border crossing, F.A.S.T.
#Lost at Sea
#Virtual Travel
+Interactive videos allow people to experience a place before they leave; virtual reality
+Travel salons

World's largest industry
home reservations -> PC
204mil jobs
10.6% global workforce
10.2% world's gross GNP
$655bil tax revenues
gross output $3.4tril
10.9% of all consumer spending
10.7% of all capital investment
6.9% of all gov. spending
+144mil jobs by 2005
superhubs/network airport cities
INC 6%/yr ~2000 800mill passengers <- international travel US
DEL demographics -> HI people > 55
Foreign exchange
LO Arms race, cold war
Split up of USSR
1991 $312bil tourism -> 2nd only to oil revenues <- 3rd world countries
by 2000 10mil cruise ships/yr
virtual travel
festivals/events/world cup/olympics
total journey concept

HI Telecom/HI Computer

HI Telecom -> Makes all transparent
Wireless/Cellular $15bil by 2000
interpreting telephony
video on demand -> ATT + US West
Large scale video service
Marry TV + PC + TElecom . Interactive TV
BCE Inc (telecom) + Cable PLC (UK Telecom)
PLC + MCI (Global telecom)
Fujitsu + ICL
Dereg/privatization of ATT in 80's
Seimans, Alcatel , ATT -. China/asia
3.4 bil sits/sec 50k conv. on 1pr of fibers
soon 100tril bits/sec 70mil conv on 1 pr of fibers
LANS -> PBX -> Internet
Broadband network -> Video , voice, data
$3tril by 2000 digital market video, publishers, broadcast
Telephone INC 10-15% /yr
International phones INC +13%/yr
$60bil 1990 -> $200 bil 2000 Asia telecomm
Fax $516mil High tech/High touch
$185mil fax US
Internet = network of 11,000 networks, 1.7mil computers
1993 15mil people on internet
1999 300mil people on internet
2000 750mil people on internet
2001 1.5bil people on internet


NAFTA 370mil consumers $7tril
LO Borders EC
Central -> Freemarket China/India
90% of US economy from Mid/Small co's.
70% in 1970 90% in 1995
7% export w/ co >500 employees.
50% export US w/ <19 employees. Also true of germany
GE,IBm,ATT,Brooktree,RAM-DAC... -> compartmentalization
Tribalism -> self-rule
Telecommute, Work at home via logging in
Superstate break up
Telecom -> monitor / inform -> coopeation / transparent process -> self-rule
China 18mil entrepreneurs
+Chinese economy is being decentralized dramatically.

Political /Cultural Awareness


Central->Free Market Democracy

172 Countries in barcelona olympics
Atlanta olympics 200 countries
2000 -> 300 countries
UN 1945 51 countries
1960 100
1984 159
1993 184
Unbundling of Russia -> 60-70 countries/ 104 ethic groups
4000-5000-10000 languages spoken in world
30 china provinces 5 autonomous w/ economic network
Japan -> proposed 10 autonomous regions
South America 100 different language groups
40 ethnic groups kenya, uganda, gabon 40 ethnic groups
200 languages - zaire
world of 1000 countries
free market (democ ) of politics (what if everyone could vote on NAFTA,Brady bill)
Science = Free market of ideas (they do it in science why no politics)
Economy > Politics
LO Importance of political leaders
50% US/Japan Vote
Mitterand 210 of 270 seats
Role of Politicans allow econ to grow bottomup by entrepreneurs
 China : 
 Secrets of Deng's success
 +1. He created a market economy in food, abolishing agricultural communes in favor of family farms.
 +2. Eliminated central government's monopoly over foreign trade. Open door policy"
     Centrally planned economy to be successfully transformed to a market economy.
 +3. a) goods must be made 
     b) prices from supply/demand
     c) competition no monopolies
     d) managers , manage from market stance

Integ Global Econ


HI Manuf


LO Trade Barriers -> HI Trade

-Mexico info US $3.8bil 1990 -> $15.3bil 1992
Vietnam 71mil peopl, india 900 mil people; latin am 400 mil people
Import/Export Trade growth in (7% growth)
top 6 asian china,taiwan,hongkong,skorea
ASEAN free trade area (AFTA)
APEC (Asia-pacific economic cooperation)
Singapore + Malay + Indo : Growth triangle

companies: Compartmentalize

GE 11bus w/ modalities
Xerox - deconstruct
IBM deconstruct into 30 businesses
ATT 20 businesses
Sara lee - goal entrepreneurial management
ATT 20 busineses
Brooktree - info heirarchy
w/ online workstations all around globe


Travel -> new sense of community
6% radio in english
70% s-mail
85% international phones
80% of data in serveral100mil computers in world in english
Euro/Japan disney
H/W VCR Japanese but 90% of S/W Profit is in movie!
Basketball in 192 countries
oprah winfrey
US Movies top 10 in nearly any city = US
US Music , TV , Books, Magazines
chopsticks , karaoke, soccer
western business suit
baseball cap

Econ Alliances

Nissan w/ Toyota -> Auto parts
US West + Time Warner
UK Telecom + MCI
UK Wellcome + Glaxo + warner US - Lambert
ATT -> China 100 mil lines
Motorola -> Manuf venture biggest w/ china
Coca-cola , P&G, 7-11, Mo, ATT,Kodak,US Auto,VISA,AVON,Mars...->Asia
Vietnam doi moi, world comapnies -> Vietnam
BMW -> Vitnam
Corning -> India
ATT + Pepsico -> India
Bell atlantic + TCI


Electronic Tribalism
ethnic , lang, cult, religion, professional local groups of people w/ assocation
electronic tribe w/ e-mail
iran, sudan, tibet,iraq,papua new guinea
language + currency tribalism
HI popularity

Niche Markets

Dunhill Global boom in luxury goods Ferragama shirt rolex/cartier watch louis vuitton attache case monblanc pen motorola cellular phone BMW american express giorgio armani christia dior/nin ricci make up guerlain, YSL, ester lauder bruno magli shoes chanel #5 tiffany jewelry

Dereg Financial Market

Hong Kong market
Nikei stock market
german stock market
wall street
bank of china group

1. With the advent of powerful LR strategic weaponry ,
global warfare has effectively created a massive
deterrant to war by its mere existence. Wars of the
future will be between the poorer countries on a local
2. With the advent of computers, The individual is
empowered to do more and more, thus giving rise to
individualism and socio-political schemes based on
such themes.
3. The advent of telecommunications is an obvious one.
Pick up a phone I can talk to someone halfway around
the world in seconds. That's massive.
4. A shared sense of Biome. As we travel more and more
and as the global economy serves to "shrink" the world
we will eventually gain a greater sense of sharing a single
ecology. Where your pollution affects my standard of living
and sense of eco-integrity.
6. The renting of capital. Since money will be more available
because we will be sharing more and more of it, availability
leads to use, thus it will be easier to get a loan - thus
this puts pressure on lowering interest rates which cycles
back and more people take out money because it's cheap to take out
a loan thus stimulating the economy more.
7. Global competition. Companies are waking up to the fact
now that we are on a global playing field, no longer is the US
the prettiest girl at the prom, we have to look outward.
Inflation is fundamentally caused by the government.
Very simply, government and the private sector compete for the
same resources. If the government is "short" of money to acquire
the resources it needs, it acquires the money via taxes or
other revenus generating means. This however collapses public
confidence in the government, once this happens, and they see
inflation go up, they convert liquid assets into hard tangibles.
in doing this, they cause a demand load strain on the these products.
This shifts the economy from production to distribution and
puts us in a reactionary mode.
Thus in an environment of global competition there is pressure
to lower inflation rates and taxes.
8. Downscaling - the advancing of technology to allow for more and
more effective utilization of the resources that are used in
affectuating that technology. For example 70 lb of fiber optic
cable is equivalent to 1 ton of copper.
This frees up our resources which in turn makes these
resources a little cheaper, which in turn stimulates trading
which in turn feeds a global economy.
9. Cultural Transcendance - Global communities are losing their
identities as economies become more important than ideologies.
And cultures integrate and synergize. An increase in travel,
cross cultural , cross lingual , and financial interplay
One can also cite other examples of cultural maturation
and global harmony as different cultures mingle and mix
the push towards egalitarianism, business cultural diversity
issues, and the scrutinization of fair business practices,
fairness and equality of moral and ethical issues ....