Exhaust -------------------------------------------------------
+ C-C Foam, Porour (RAM) in Bay cavity
+ Dipoles in Engine bay cavity-  defocus energy profile

AC + Screech Liners
AC + Laminate Coating on exhaust nozzle

IR + Mix inlet flow w/ exhaust
IR + Exhaust diffusers
IR + Mirror Ag Films

Materials -------------------------------------------------------
   + Mesophase Pitch fibers
IR + Ceramics Dissipate IR, Preserve Temperature
RAM,IR + Iron Ball
AC + Fiberglass + Perforate Al w/ harmonics for absorbing
AC + Sandwich composite skins w/ pyramidal structures inward 
   + Rouch texture paint + special pigments
IR + Active/passive cooling
IR + IR Decoy flare
   + Low profile airframe
   + Aspect angle

Operation Profile -------------------------------------------------------
   + Attenuate side lobes w/ HI aspect angle to illumination
LL Rad + Nap of earth operational context
LL Rad + Autostabilize, autoride control (NOE)

INLETS -------------------------------------------------------
AC + Quiet Nacelle Noise reduction
AC + Center Body
AC + Acoustically treated, Air intake cowl
   + Conformal intake
AC + Snake ducting
   + Bury inside
   + Mesh < lambdaR
RAD,IR + HI density C-C Foams
AC,IR  + Nozzle Bafflers

AVIONICS -------------------------------------------------------
RF E&L + RAM Around avionic Bays
RF E&L + Boron Composites + Ferrite Coatings
RF E&L + Radar set to intermediate pulsing
         Sidelobe leakage & Beam scatter
LL Rad + Passive Microwave or laser radar
       + ECM
       + IR Jam
RF E&L + 6 Layer nonwoven steel polyethyl fiber cloth in electronic bays (abs. electric wave)

WING -------------------------------------------------------
       +Leading edge + Fuselage
       +Skin Strakes : Radar hampering envelope
       +Triangular reflector + Superplastic ram

(1) Jaumann Absorber - composite laminated layer w/ dielectric spacer 
    (Scatter radar) RAM
(2) C-C Foam - Dense carbon grain & Ultradense C-C Foam
    C-Reinforced fiberglass LOW Temp, LOW IR, LOW Radar
(3) Al2O3 Fibers  - Metal Matrix + Hybrid composites w/ Aramid fiber mix
(4) Aramid Fibers - Aromatic Polyamide fibers in resin matrix composites
(5) Fiballoy - Embedded glass + Plastic RAM
(6) Silog - Baked rice hulls w/ C and SiC Whiskers
       + Al powder -> Silag composite RAM
(7) Si-C Fibers - used in metal matrix composites LOW IR
(8) Thermoplastics - Ordered polymers RAM 
     60 ply graphite reinforced panel layered autoclave cured
     Automated hot head tape layering & Dust form channels
(9) Iron Ball - Ferrite RAM , LOW IR
     Mutability envelope (Radar distortion capability)
     Change polarization -> HI freq in irregular patterns
(10) Retinyl Schiff base salf -> HI Polarity LOW Radar
     Double bonded C-N Polymer link a divalent group in linear backbone of a polyene chain