Department of State

    Department of State Budget Requests 
    Strategic Planning for International Affairs 
        11/18/97: Thomas J. Pickering, statement before the opening session of 
        the Conference Series on International Affairs in the 21st Century, 
        Washington, DC (Strategic Planning) 
        11/18/97: Ambassador L. Craig Johnstone, Washington, DC (Strategic 
        Planning and International Affairs in the 21st Century) 
        Strategic Plans for International Affairs 
        Department of State Performance Plan 
        Link to other agency plans. 
    Foreign Affairs Agencies Reorganization 
        03/31/99: Reorganization Plan and Report (revised March 1999) 
        03/10/99: Patrick Kennedy, Alliance for International Educational and 
        Cultrual Exchange, Washington, DC (Supporting International Educational 
        and Cultural Programs) 
        12/30/98: Reorganization Plan and Report (Submitted to the Congress by 
        President Clinton) 
        12/30/98: Foreign Affairs Reorganization (White House Fact Sheet) 
        05/27/98: Department Statement (Reorganization and Integration of the 
        Foreign Affairs Agencies) 
        04/18/98: Reinventing State, ACDA, USIA, and AID (White House Fact 
    Press Statements 
        Link to all press statements released by the Office of the Spokesman. 
    Department of State Information Technology
        Diplomacy for the 21st Century: 
        Information Technology Goals for the First Five Years 
        [December 31, 1998] 
        Information Technology Architecture, Volume One
        [April 16, 1999] 
        Information Technology Architecture, Volume Two
        [April 16, 1999] 
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