U. S. Department of the Treasury
            Office of Strategic Planning & Evaluation
            Strategic Plan
The Government Performance and Results Act of 1993 (the Results Act) requires 
every agency to prepare and publish a strategic plan which lays out its mission, 
long-term goals and objectives, and strategies for achieving those goals and 
objectives. The plan is intended to serve as the starting point and foundation 
of the agency's goal setting and performance measurement process. 
The Treasury Strategic Plan is an overview plan for the Department as a whole. 
To support this umbrellaa plan, each Treasury bureau and major program office 
has developed its own strategic plan for its operations. Collectively, the 
overview plan and the more detailed bureau strategic plans (see below) provide a 
description of what the Department intends to accomplish over the next five 
years and how we intend to accomplish it. 
    Departmental Offices* 
    Office of Inspector General* 
    Internal Revenue Service* 
    U.S. Customs Service 
    Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms 
    U.S. Secret Service* 
    Federal Law Enforcement Training Center 
    Financial Crimes Enforcement Network 
    Treasury Forfeiture Fund* 
    Office of the Comptroller of the Currency 
    Office of Thrift Supervision 
    U.S. Mint 
    Bureau of Engraving and Printing* 
    Bureau of the Public Debt 
    Financial Management Service* 
    Community Development Financial Institutions Fund*