Herzberg's Two Factory Theory of Motivation

Principle                                        Motivators Involved
a. Removing some controls while retaining     a. Responsibility and
   accountability                                personal achievement
b. Increasing the accountability of           b. Responsibility and 
   indivduals  for own work                      recognition
c. Giving a person a complete natural         c. responsibility, 
   unit of work (module, division, area )        achievment and
d. Granting additional authority to an           recognition
   employee in his activity; job freedom      d. resp, achievement &
e. Making periodic reports directly available    recognition
   to the worker himself rather than to the   e. Internal    
   supervisor                                    recognition
f. Introducing new and more difficult         f. Growth and
   tasks not previously handled                  learning
g. Assigning indivduals specific or           g. Resp. , growth and
   specialized tasks, enabling them to           advancement
   become experts