Murray's Manifest Needs

  Achievement - Individual aspires to accomplish difficult 
          tasks, maintains high standards and is willing to 
          work toward distant goals; responds positively to
          competition; willing to put forth effort to attain 
  Affiliation - Enjoys being with friends and people in 
          general; accepts people readily, makes efforts to 
          win friendships and maintain associations with 
  Aggression - enjoys combat and argument; easily annoyed, 
          sometimes willingto hurt people to get his or her 
          way; may seek to get even with people perceived as 
          having harmed him or her.
  Autonomy - tries to break away from restraint,s confinement, 
          or restrictions of any kind enjoys being unattached, 
          free and not tied to people places or obligations; 
          may be rebellious when faced with restraints.
  Exhibition - wants to be the center of attentio n; enjoys 
          having an audience; engages in behavior that wins 
          the notice of others; may enjoy being dramatic or 
  Impulsivity - tends to act on the spur of the moment and 
          without deliberation; gives vent readily to 
          feelings and wishes; speaks freely; may be volatile 
          in emotional expression
  Nurturance - gives sympathy and comfort; assists others 
          wheneverpossible, interested in caring for children, 
          the disables, or the infirm ; offers a helping hand 
          to those in need; readily performs favors for others
  Order - concerned with keeping personal effects and 
          surroundings neat and organized; dislikes clutter, 
          confusion, lack or organization; interested in 
          developing methods for keeping materials methodicaly 
  Power - attempts to control the environment and to influence 
          or direct other people ; expresses opinions forcefully; 
          enjoys the role of leader and may assume it 
  Understanding - wants to understand many areas of knowledge; 
          values synthesis of ideas, verifiable generalization, 
          logical thought, particularly when directed or 
          satisfying intellectual curiosity.