Guidelines for Using Power

1. Referent Power
   -Treat subordinates fairly
   -Be sensitive to subordinates' needs, feelings
   -Select subordinates similar to oneself
   -Engage in role modeling
2. Expert Power
   -Promote image of expertise
   -Maintain credibility
   -Act confident and decisive
   -Keep informed
   -Recognize employee concerns
   -Avoid threatening subordinates' self-esteem
3. Legitimate Power 
   -Be cordial and polite
   -Be confident
   -Be clear and follow up to verify understanding
   -Make sure request is appropriate
   -Explain reasons for request
   -Follow proper channels
   -Exercise power regularly
   -Enforce compliance
   -Be sensitive to surordinates' concerns.
4. Reward power
   -Verify compliance
   -Make feasible, resonable requests
   -Make only ethical proper requests
   -Offer rewards desired by surordinates
   -Offer only credible rewards
5. Coercive Power
   -Inform subordinates of rules and penalities
   -Warn before punishing
   -Administer punishment consistently and uniformly
   -Understand the situation before acting
   -Maintain credibility
   -Fit punishment to the infraction
   -Punish in private