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                Linus Pauling


                     The late Linus Pauling was the only man in the
                            world to have won two unshared Nobel Prizes. In
                1954, for Chemistry and in 1962, for Peace. Two Nobel Prizes by
                one man in one lifetime! Linus Pauling was globally admired and
                globally controversial.

                Dr. Pauling candidly spoke his mind about peace to presidents,
                heads of state and all others alike. He hated war. He found it

                He shared this devotion to pacifism with his friend Albert
                Einstein. In 1958, he presented a petition, which was signed by
                11,000 scientists, warning the public about the biological
                danger of radioactive fallout from nuclear weapons testing.

                World peace was Pauling's passion, but he was equally as
                dedicated to chemistry as it helps humanity. His 1954 Nobel
                Prize was awarded for his work on genetic influences in
                relation to the atomic structure of proteins in hemoglobin. He
                discovered that sickle cell anemia is caused by genetic defect.

                Professor Linus Pauling was considered the Champion of Vitamin
                C and its curative powers.

                He continued his other scientific work at the Linus Pauling
                Institute of Science and Medicine in Palo Alto, California.
                There, he and 35 other researchers researched the basic
                mechanisms of disease, including the way to decipher human

                But what was it that drove Linus Pauling? He had a passion for
                Discovering the Undiscovered and Total World Peace.

                Madame Jehan Sadat and Women's International Center were
                equally proud to present the Jehan Sadat Peace Award to the
                great Peacemaker, Linus Pauling.

                Linus Pauling died in 1994 at the age of 93.