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VESALIUS, ANDREAS. Andreae Vesalii Bruzellensis
icones anatomicae, ediderunt Academia Medicinae
Nova-Eboracensis et Bibliotheca Universitatis
Monacensis. New York and Munich: Bremer Press, 1934.

The publication of this large and beautiful volume of
original woodblocks from Vesalius' Fabrica, Epitome,
and Tabulae Anatomia Sex was a joint project of the
New York Academy of Medicine and the Library of the
University of Munich. Two hundred and twenty-seven of
the illustrations were printed from the
sixteenth-century woodblocks used by Oporinus. Fifty
of the original woodblocks were missing and these
were reproduced photographically. Tragically, the
original woodblocks were destroyed during World War
II as a result of Allied bombing raids.

Vesalius' anatomy, the Fabrica, published when the author was
only twenty-nine, is the foundation of modern medicine.