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Olof Rudbeck, the elder, 1662-1663

Engraving of the Anatomical Theatre in Uppsala, and enlarged detail of the
dissection table. Facsimile. - From the library of the Royal Swedish Academy
of Sciences.

           eeply influenced by Italian architecture Olof Rudbeck (1630-1702)
           put forward several projects on the architectural design of
Uppsala´s institutional buildings, the models of which were taken from
Antonio Dellabacco´s Libro appartenente all´architettura (1552), and from
the works by Sansovino, Serlio and Palladio. The Anatomical Theatre was
built by Rudbeck on the roof of the Gustavianum, the University building of
Uppsala, during the years 1662-1663. He took original inspiration from
Padua´s anatomical theatre, built in 1594. Although he never travelled to
Italy, Rudbeck was well acquainted with the medical works by Fabricius of
Aquapendente, professor of anatomy in Padua, in which the importance of
public dissections was greatly emphasized.

Bibliography: Catalogus 1741 , HAHR 1930.

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