EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND I graduated with a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University (Indiana). In 2012, I got his Ph.D. in Operations Research from Walden University with a doctoral dissertation on Manifold Wireless networks, subsequently submitting a patent on Manifold Wireless networks.

He worked at General Electric Medical systems in Milwaukee Wisconsin as a software engineer. I was the principle engineer for the ultrasound calculations software subsystem. In 1996, I joined Lucent Technologies in Whippany, New Jersey. I worked on TDMA (2G) as a software development engineer. Then, I became a Systems Architect Engineer and promoted to a distinguished member of the technical staff. Lucent merged with Alcatel in 2007 and then Nokia in 2016. I am currently a Systems Architect working on 5G Base Stations in Murray Hill (NJ), where Bell Labs is head-quartered.

The following are list of my book publications


I hold 3 patents with numerous patents that are pending.

Besides English, I am also fluent in Mandarin Chinese and American Sign Language. Ben taught American Sign Language for 10 years. I am or was semi-proficient in spoken German, Japanese, Spanish, Thai, Latin, Cantonese, and Taiwanese.
I was the Heroclix World Champion, a chess-like game, in 2008. I am currently the world's #1 player in Star Trek Attack Wing, a miniatures tactical game. I was in the United States Chess Federation (USCF) and played in tournaments.
I have traveled to 30 countries around the world which has broadened his perspective on life and in comprehending the world at large. He has been to USA, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Belize, Venezuela, Peru, Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, Costa Rica, Cayman, Dominican Republic, Italy, Germany, France, UK, Spain, Portugal, Senegal, Gambia, Thailand, Japan, Laos, China, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, and India.