Ben Cheung's Homepage for Academic Work at Walden University

Ben's Total Information Network This webpage is an information resource portal that I have collected to help me find research data. It includes links to libraries and article databases.
Dr. Terri Bittner's Homepage Dr. Terri Bittner's homepage provides undergraduate and graduate students with resources that will help them become better writers and researchers, particularly in management/operations research, math, and statistics.
Ben Cheung's KAM-I This KAM deals with Societal and Cultural development. In particular, this paper presents environmental factors that influence creativity within modern American Society.
Ben Cheung's KAM-II My KAM-II dealt with Principles of Human Development. In particular, this paper presents the research I did on the creative processes used by modern American citizens.
Ben Cheung's KAM-III My KAM-III dealt with Principles of Organizational and social Systems In particular, this paper presents the research I did on the dynamics of collaborative creative thinking for modern American corporate organizations
Ben Cheung's KAM-V My KAM-V was a specialized Operations Research KAM that dealt with deterministic methods in Operations Research, including Mixed Integer Linear Programming, Simplex, and Dual Simplex.
Ben Cheung's KAM-VI My KAM-VI dealt Stochastic methods of Operations Reserach including Markov Chains and Markov Models.
Depth Bibliography checklist. During the Lansdown residency I mentioned my depth bibliography checklist, you can download it here!